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  1. Daniel and Sarah, I am so excited for you! I hear you have been not feeling well and are now doing better. Thank God that part is over. And that is the only bad part. It’s all a great adventure from here on out. Bless you two and your pregnancy. Love, Sharon

  2. Congratulations, Sarah and Daniel! It was fun reading your posting, and seeing all the photos! We look forward to this new exciting adventure with you! Love, Aunt Sue and Family

  3. Yippee Yay! Yippee Yay! Yippee Yah Yay! So HAPPY for you and Daniel. Welcome to the ranks of parenthood! I hope you keep feeling better and have a safe & smooth pregnancy & birth. You’ll be ~~~glowing~~~ in no time (usually the 2nd trimester). Enjoy this treasured time together with Daniel. God bless you heaps! Love, Lois

  4. I am so happy for you!! You r going to be terrific parents!!! I will be praying for u to have a safe and happy pregnancy. Hey Daniel you know what this means right? You have to eat for the baby too!!

  5. Daniel and Sarah,
    We are so happy for you two! God is so good! Our prayers are with you and we will be praying for a healthy baby and easy delivery. Congratulations!
    Amber had a little girl Feb. 20th this yr. Salah Grace Good. She is such a blessing!
    Larry, Kathy and family

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