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I am now enjoying being pregnant. The end of week 7 brought some not so fun moments. From Fri to Tue I was miserable and not capable of doing much at all. I was not keeping anything down and praying to be healthy again. Daniel was so wonderful catering to my every whim, he was cleaning, cooking for himself and making sure I was comfortable. I couldn’t have made it through that time without him for sure. I am a truly blessed woman. After a trip to the Doctor for some meds I was on the road to recovery. So Tue afternoon brought much relief and have been doing much better since. God is good. Thank you for all your prayers and sweet phone calls, they sure help!!


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  1. I LOVE your page,its super cute and just fabulous!!!
    Can’t wait to read all of the fun updates and see more pictures…
    Love you both!

  2. So this is a little blog is from GeGe (Grandma Gardner) & Papa John.
    We have waited so long to hear the news that we are going to be grandparents, of course I (GeGe) have been stashing away numerous items in pink, blue, yellow, purple & green for a couple of years now. It has always been fun when the kids come home for the weekends to show them all the new outfits & stuffed toys I have bought. (Absolutley No Preasure What-So-Ever) L.O.L.
    But seriously we are soooo happy we cannot contain ourselves.

    Our cup runneth over with joy!
    We wonder if it’s a girl or a boy!
    It’s to soon to tell,
    so long as you’re well.
    It doesn’t matter to me
    what you will be!
    Purple or Blue we’re ready for you!
    Tea parties for a girl.
    Tonka’s for a boy,
    As soon as we know will spoil you with a toy.
    We are Thanking our Heavenly Father above
    for our future bundal of love!!!

    GeGe & PaPa Gardner

  3. wow i am so excited for you guys. Can’t wait to see the 2nd cutest baby in the world. First being mine of course. Okay fine tied for 1st. Well i think this whole website and blog thing is a way neat idea and gets to keep everyone updated and informed. CONGRATS!

  4. hmmm, where to start….I can’t express how happy and blessed I feel to be apart of this baby’s life. I will be the best Aunt (along with Cierra 😉 ) EVER!! You two best prepare yourself now, for this special baby to be very spoiled. I am so happy for you two and I know you will be great parents. Thank you for making me the happiest Aunt in the world (=
    Love you both!!
    Aunt Bek

  5. Yeah!!! Hip Hip Hooray, a baby is on it’s way!!! Congratulations!!! Can hardly wait to kiss his or her cheek and behold the beauty of a new life. Excitement and joy exceedingly surround your news. Waa Who!!! kv

  6. Good morning to you all I tried this yesterday not sure you got my note I love you Daniel, Sarah, and my 1st great grandbaby Angel. Just like your daddy and mommy the LORD has plan for you I can hardly wait to see all the progress in your lives. What a blessing you all are and I love you for letting me be a part of this. Grandma/Gramme

  7. Sarah & Daniel,
    Just want to tell you how excited we are for your upcoming baby!!!!! WOW!!! Very cool and awesome!!!! I guess that will make me a great auntie!!! I have bought some cool baby items to give you!!! Sorry, we missed seeing you both when you were at your mom’s last time. We were in Montana at Glacier Natl Park on vacation!!! I hope you’re feeling much better. It’s the pitts not feeling well, and especailly when you don’t feel the baby move or “feel” pregnant) that day (s) are coming, then you’ll wish that baby would hurry up and get here.
    Congratulations, I’m happy for you!!!!

  8. Congrats, Daniel and Sarah! We’re excited for you – it’s a joy you can’t begin to understand until after your little bundle of joy arrives! We’re also REALLY EXCITED for your parents – ‘cuz being grandparents is SO AWESOME! We’ll be praying for you, as parents, and your new little baby, as he/she is growing in your womb! Are you going to find out what you’re having????


  9. Happy greetings you guys! Seems like just a moment ago you and Josh were playing together, Daniel. Life is like that. What a blessing to have the LORD filling it up with the things that grow us and help us to know Him better. Like a precious little life that brings us joy and laughter. We will be following along as we read your website. God bless you three.
    The LORD is good—-all the time!

    sergio and katie

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