Doctor Visit Update and Baby Room


I had an appt today (Fri, Sept 28) at the Doctor and we got to hear the heartbeat again and Daniel got to be there with me, what a miracle!! I guess the Doctor said that the baby kicked or punched.. if you remember last time the baby did a somersault and so we were thinking maybe we had a little gymnist, but maybe we got a kickboxer! Whatever this baby wants to do is fine by us.. haha! Glad the baby is active and healthy.

 Last weekend we started on our baby room, which was pretty exciting! Daniel did a fresh coat of paint and touched up the molding. We have put out some fun gifts we have gotten already and purchased 2 great deals on Craigslist to start putting the room together. We have pictures but you are gonna have to wait for the unveiling after our parents come as we want to surprise them with the room in person. But we do have some pics coming we promise. Also will be posting some belly shots as its just starting to poke out and show its roundness.. so fun things to come. Thanks for your patience!


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