Then and Now


comp1.jpgMany things have been changing in the last few months, one of those things would be my body. Daniel has been taking pictures along the way and this shows how everything is progressing. 


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  1. Sarah,

    Congratulations on the news of your baby being a BOY!!! You’re quite the cute-mom-to-be!!! It’s so fun at this stage of your pregnancy because you now “show” that your pregnant, you can feel the baby move some, you’re hearing the heartbeat at your doctor appts. and you’re learning the growth development of the baby. How fun!!!

    I remember those days and I hope you’re keeping a journal or diary because believe it or not, you will soon forget when that baby comes and life gets much busier. And if you keep a journal, it will become such a treasure in the years to come. You know your auntie is a scrapbooker and she realizes the importance of keeping a journal for event like this….
    And it’s important to record how your feeling, and things like how you decorated the baby’s room and why you choose the color scheme in the baby room, etc……..

    I am excited for you and Daniel – becoming first time parents soon. And I’m looking forward to your baby shower on November 25th. It’s been fun shopping for baby boy things. It’s fun to see all the cute things they have for babies nowdays!!!! WOW!!!

    Congratulations and we hope we get to see you both over Thanksgiving. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner out here this year.

    Aunt Becky

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