15 weeks to go


Just an update to let you all know how we are doing! I just crossed into 6 months, gosh its going by quick, but feels like its still never gonna happen. Patience is a virtue I need to have apparently. Just excited to get to meet him and hold him. I am still feeling great, really growing alot. People on the street are noticing I am pregnant and so thats always a good sign, its akward when its like is she fat or pregnant..haha.

Justice is now 1.5 pounds and is over a foot long. His nervous system is really developing and he is gaining fat weight at this point. So he is a very healthy little guy. Daniel has got to feel him move quite a few times which is so fascinating.

 We are very excited to go home next week and spend time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I have my first shower that Sunday and am excited to add to our little nursery. Its coming along quite nice, with some odds and ends, its so much fun.

 Daniel has 3 more weeks of school left so thats wonderful, he has a few job leads so we are hoping and praying we hear something soon and he can get settled into the right job! So much to be thankful for this time of year, makes it a great time to be pregnant and enjoy life.


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