February Updates


Thank you all for your patience. Life has been quite busy as we moved across town, doctor appts, and just getting ready for our little guy to arrive. We are doing great. We are all settled into our new place and loving being closer to Daniel’s work and our church. We started going to a great home group and are meeting new people and making new friends.

I am just now 2 weeks away from my official due date, whatever that means, I have just figured he will come when he wants to come. I have been experiencing some of the common signs that labor is coming, but know that can take hours to weeks for it all to kick in and start making things happen. So will keep you all informed as much as possible!

We just went to our weekend Childbirthing class this last weekend and learned alot. Its all quite interesting and scary all at the same time. But we feel prepared and just have been praying for a great labor and delivery! We have a great support team with our families and our Mom’s are sure excited, as well as everyone else, just them especially. Daniel’s sister Cierra found out she is having a boy, so Justice will have a boy cousin to grow up with in June, so we are very excited about that!!

 Keep us in your prayers as we venture into parenthood and a whole new way of life, God has been walking beside us this whole way and we know that He will continue to be faithful and bless our new little family as well.

Will try to get some new pics of my tummy on here soon before it pops for good!


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