Girls Weekend


Belly CollageShaundy, Heidi & IMy girlfriends Heidi & Shaundy came down to Portland to have a girls day with me! I was so thrilled and excited to get some girl time and have some fun. So we met at the Cheeseceake Factory and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

They surprised me and took me into the mall and to JcPenney’s Photo Studio to have belly pictures done.. it was very fun and such a special idea. So thought I would share some final belly pictures with you. We then spent time in baby stores, walking around the mall, getting coffee.. Doing Girl stuff.. you know!
Thank you so so much girls.. it meant the world to me!


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  1. Sarah & Daniel,

    CONGRATULATIONS on having baby Justice yesterday!!! We pray that all is well and you’ll soon be home with your new little son!!! We’re SO happy for you both and we’re excited to see baby Justice hopefully, in the near future!!!!

  2. WOW! and WOW again! I’m so excited for you. Did it happen, is it going to happen, will it happen on this very day? Too fun. Take it easy, girl, and may blessings to all of you. /sjp

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