Still Pregnant and Waiting


I know.. sorry folks, not trying to drag this on. Everyone seems very surprised that I haven’t had the baby yet! Each day I show up for work I get bombarded by co-workers wondering why I am still here.. just passing the time away.

Had my weekly appt on Friday and the Doc said I was good to go. 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced, baby is ready to go, just waiting for him to decide to come visit. Since my Doctor is heading to Mexico next week we were able to schedule the appt to be induced for this Friday, Feb 29th (Leap Year Day) at 7am. So at least we know that. But she still thinks I will have Justice before his due date. Daniel is just anxious to meet his son and is asking me frequently how I am feeling and if I have any discomfort he is thrilled as he thinks it means anytime now.. but in a very sweet and gentle way šŸ™‚ Cracks me up.

So we are very excited that this is the week we do get to become parents and we cannot wait to call our families and friends to say we are on the way to the hospital! Its gonna be an exciting moment for sure. So keep praying, its gonna happen this week.

Stay tuned…


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