Justice on Video!


Justice is on Camera for the first time ever. Check it out!

Stay tuned….more videos to come!


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  1. Congratualtions Daniel & Cierra (spelling not sure) I just opened my email today March 13, 2008 I am just so blessed to see your new baby boy Justice-he is beautiful-I can not wait to tell Witney and Stefen-you must be so blessed-God is amazing-take care and I will be contacting you soon-Love Bonnie

  2. Hi Sarah and Family,

    Love the video! Justice is so cute. Love to see him someday in person. Call me sometime and we can meet for lunch sometime.

    God Bless,

  3. Good morning, Daniel, Sarah, and Justice!

    It was so fun to watch Justice on his videos! I especially liked watching him when Daniel was trying to get him to suck his thumb and fingers! Didn’t look like he especially liked the tasted of them. I can’t believe how calm he was when you were washing his hair, Sarah! He didn’t open his mouth, or squawk, or anything! Looking forward to seeing him in person one of these days! He’s a sweetie!

    Love, Aunt Sue

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