3 months old


Time is flying. We can hardly believe we have reached the 3 month mark. We are glad to be here though, we feel like as parents we have learned alot and have a better handle on this whole new life. Though there is still so much to learn, its been so fun watching him grow. His personality is changing from a Newborn to an Infant. He is drooling, blowing bubbles, cooing up a storm. He loves to smile and play with toys too! We are such blessed parents and adore our little guy. Just weighed him over the weekend and he is now 13 pounds and almost 26 inches long! Justice and I went on our first trip home to see the fam on our own. Daniel had to work alot for a few days, so we got some time with the relatives. It was a special time, he is so loved by all. His cousin Lola just loves to help me change his diaper, keep in his binky, play with his new Happy Hippo gym, she is quite the good helper. He adores his grandparents and aunts and uncles too, quite loved thats for sure!!!


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