Busy Weekend


Justice had a full weekend of fun. First we took him to the Beaverton Farmers Market and we all enjoyed walking around and seeing all the plants, food, and decorations. The weather was just beautiful on Saturday.  Then after eating and napping again we met up with some friends Matt and Marie Rappa at the Rose Festival in downtown Portland. We spent hours walking around down by the waterfront, going through the carnival and exhibits. Justice was such a great sport and was enjoying his time in his car seat sleeping mostly. Us big people had fun chatting and eating all sorts of fried carnvial food 🙂

Today was a big day for some fun accomplishments. Justice has been doing great with tummy time and today he rolled over from his Belly to his Back.. we were so shocked and thrilled that we got all excited and kinda scared him, we felt bad! But after come calm time he rolled over 2 more times. He also tried out his new little “Bumbo Sitter” chair which holds him up, he is enjoying being a big boy for sure, gone are the days of tiny baby, he is changing so fast!!!

Sunday afternoon Justice and Daddy went to Best Buy while mommy went grocery shopping and then home for an evening bath, which was fun!

Justice wants to give a big smile and kiss to Uncle Daniel who just flew in from Kuwait today! He is so excited to meet you and is so proud to have such a great Uncle who serves our country. Thanks Uncle Daniel!! Justice is also getting pretty excited cause that means its getting closer to meeting McBaby (Daniel and Cierra’s little man on the way!)

Big hugs to all our family and friends!


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