My 28th Birthday


So we were in Target yesterday and had to browse through the baby clothes, just for fun and found some great deals. Justice picked out a great onesie that said “I love Mommy” and told me he wanted to get it for me and wear it the next day for my birthday. So I couldn’t refuse him and said sure we’ll get it. So he is wearing it today for me and looks quite handsome. He also got the new jeans and shoes.. what a handsome hunk!

I fixed myself a great breakfast of a Sausage Waffle (waffle with pieces of sausage in it) and a fried egg. Then for lunch I whipped up some Restaurant Style Egg Flower Soup which was tasty!! Justice and I went to Windermere to see some friends there and then went for a walk in the park today as well.

Daniel is on his way home from work and has a present for me then is sending me to Massage Envy for an hour long massage. Then all he has told me is that we have dinner reservations at 7pm tonight. So will report back later to let you all know about the rest of my day!!

Smiley Boy

Smiley Boy

Sporting the new shirt!

Sporting the new shirt!


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  1. Happy Birthday Mama!
    I hope that you enjoy your day and that massage,sweet! Can’t wait to hear all about your surprise dinner and visit tomorrow! Love you!

  2. what a great party that your hubby pulled off! I was so happy that we were able to attend. It was fun to see you guys and to meet all of your friends. what a special day, for a very special girl!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah! What a handsome young man all dressed up for Mommy’s birthday ; )! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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