Lovely New Neighborhood


Don’t you all love moving.. haha, what a joke. Luckily this move wasn’t so bad. We moved 1.5 away so not too bad comparatively. So thats what we have been up to, sorry the blog hasn’t been updated in a while! We just love our new place and aren’t gonna move till we buy a house which we’re shooting for 2-3 years. Daniel is done with school so no more monthly payments, Justice has entered the world so his big bills are taken care of, so now we can save for a house. Until then we are so blessed where we are and are very glad we moved into this small apartment community.

Our new place is just a blessing on so many levels. First off we have a great patio that stays cool and has a great view of the courtyard. People walk by now and then and everyone is friendly. Justice loves coming out here and rocking with me on the swing and just relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. Daniel and I love coming out here after Justice has gone to bed and just getting to relax together and chat. Another huge bonus is that Daniel is 1 mile away from work, so thats a super easy commute and saves us so much money on gas each month!! He is loving his job as a Warehouse Coordinator and is quite good at what he does, I believe in the next year he could be the Manager as they are impressed and he is so organized.. but maybe I am a bit bias!ย  Another great thing about our new place is my kitchen! In particular my sink, I am just absolutely giddy and delighted that I have a huge 2 bowl sink and it has a sprayer, and get this.. a built in soap dispenser. May seem silly but it just makes my day! We have a nice neighbor next door, weย don’t have anyone above us or on the other side. We also have a park just 2 blocks away which is terrific as Justice and I love to go on our morning walks M-F for a nice long walk. We have met 2 very nice guys that walk in the mornings, both in their late 70’s… Richard & Mr. Johnson, they get a kick out of Justice and love to see him smile, which I agree I love his smile too!!

All else is pretty darn good in our Gardner world!


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  1. Looks really cool! I love your hutch with fiestaware, I have fiestaware too and would love to have a cool hutch like that to display it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Even though I hate the act of moving, I love the idea of getting a new place, it is so fun to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m dreaming though, we need a bigger place and probably won’t be able to get one for a while…

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