Justice is Dedicated


Sunday was Justice’s day to be dedicated, it was much later than I had hoped to have this done, but worked out great as both of our parents got to come down and share this special time with us. Justice did terrific being on stage in front of all the people, he was handsome and sweet!!

Pastor Jess had prayed/spoke over Justice these great words and also put them in the Bible (beautiful leather, with his name inscribed) he was given.

“A man of strength, integrity and courage. You are God’s blessed one, anointed to lead and tend to God’s people. You will be nurtured on faithfulness, kindness and joy. The dark will evaporate around you and & light will ring out- Be Bold!”

We are blessed that God entrusted Justice to us, its a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. What a joy and privilege to be Justice’s parents.


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  1. What an amazing prayer for Justice,it gave me chills,wow! Wish that we could have been there,but you were in our prayers…You and Daniel are awesome parents!

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