Pumpkin Patch


Daniel came home early today and said he wanted to go do something and explore another town, so I jumped at the chance for an adventure. I remembered that the Roloff Family Farm (little people big world) wasn’t too far out of town and that their was a great burger place out that way too. So we got ourselves ready and headed just outside Hillsboro to a place called Helvetia. We explored around the farms and took some cute pics and then someone offered us free tickets for a guided tour ($12.00 value!) so we figured what the heck, might as well. We had a 1/2 hour tour around the farm, acreage, barns, house, western town, pirate ship, treehouse and many other things they had built on their property. We rode in a tractor all around and had a great time. It was lots of fun!! We hit up the burger joint where we were served great burgers, homeade fries and onion rings. Too fun. Got home for Justice to eat some dinner, roll around naked on the floor, bath time and then hit the sack, busy day for us!!


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  1. Wow! You guys take pictures like the pros. Can you teach me how to do that? I am so thankful that you share Justice with me. I look forward to those little baby kisses every week! PS – how about that souffle? Too pretty to eat, but too scrumptious to resist!

  2. Wow – how fun to go to the pumpkin patch!!! The trip sounds like fun. I might have to check it out with my friend, Becky. Yes, can you believe it – I have a friend named Becky!!! She used to live in Hillsboro but lives in Hammond, OR near Astoria. Steve took Travis, Cherie and I to the pumpkin patch in Satsop last Sunday afternoon. And that was fun!!! Anyway, your pictures were darling!!! And I’m so glad you guys like to go on adventures and are very good at taking pictures!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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