I’ve been Tagged


So just today I checked out my regular blogs to see what my family and friends were up to. My sis, Cierra had tagged me, what is that you say? There is this blog tagging going around, where you have to tell everyone 6 random things/facts about yourself and then tag a few others and around and around it goes! So here is what I came up…

1. I was the first child for my parents, but then somehow ended up 5 our of 7.. hmm.  How does that work?? If you cannot figure it out, shoot me an email and I will explain.

2. I have always wanted to waitress at a Chinese restaurant and someday I will. I figure if I worked at one I would get free chinese and that would be just fabulous!

3. I took gymnastic lessons when I was little and I wish I would have kept doing it and ended up at the Olympics, how about that for a dream!

4. In my new kitchen I have a soap dispenser and it just makes me absolutely giddy and thrilled. Its all about the little things.

5.  If there was an invention where after you cooked/baked in the kitchen and you could push a button and your kitchen would be cleaned, I would buy it. I adore cooking/baking, but hate cleaning up after.

6. I truly wish someday I would achieve perfection, so that I could do the right thing, say the right thing and be the right thing to everyone.

I tag Allison and Rebekah!


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