Reading & Talking


Justice loves when Daniel reads to him, had to take some cute pictures to share. I called my mom a bit after that and I put the phone up to his ear while he was chewing on a toy and the moment my Mom started talking to him he immediately stopped chewing and was just intently listening to Grandma talk to him, it was priceless. I told Daniel hurry up, get a picture of this. Even though we live far away I think he still knows who his Grandma and Grandpa, Nanna and Pappa are, so thats precious!!!


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  1. Justice,
    You are just the cutest!! Thanks for talking with Grandma on the phone. It was a special time for me. I love you and miss you lots!


  2. Hey J-man,
    Have your people call my people and we’ll make a plan to have some apples and oatmeal some day soon. Your place or mine?

    By the way…I’m a we bit jealous you being so young and handsome and talking to my wife!!!!
    Love, The G-pa

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