What we are up too..


This week has been a full and busy week, good though. Mon, Tue, & Wed we had prayer meetings at church as its prayer week. We have went to the grocery store, Target, to the Mall and many other odds and ends as well. Keeps us hopping and out of the house which is nice too. The weather has been on and off with rain, but we have still gotten out on our walks here and there.

Thursday we got to attend the Worlds Biggest Playgroup at the Mall. Babytalk magazine sponsored this great event and it was alot of fun. They had a free exercise class in the morning we went to called Stroller Fit, I meant to take pictures but forgot the camera 😦 At least I had the baby and diaper bag, the extras sometime don’t happen now and then. But we enjoyed that so much that today I can hardly move without wanting to moan and groan! We had the babes in the stroller while we power walked, jogged around the stroller and did lunges, squats and sang songs and played peekaboo while working out. Wow, it wasn’t easy but it was great fun. They have a similar program here in town, but as everything it costs money and most kid friendly programs are $50-60 bucks a month, which I think is quite a bit!!!! So I am inspired to come up with something my group of friends can do that would be free or quite cheaper!! Anyhow the rest of the event was from 10-2 so after a fabulous long nap (1.5hours, which is huge for Justice my catnapper!) we went back and there were tables with free products and music programs that were tons of fun that we enjoyed.

Today we are cooking up a storm, maybe I should say making a huge mess in the kitchen, the only part I hate about cooking. I didn’t really have breakfast so I made an early lunch and did a pineapple cashew stirfried rice and it was delightful, I really enjoyed it. We are having company over tomorrow for dinner so I thought I would throw the lasagna together ahead of time to make it more relaxing tomorrow and to have less mess. So I took some pictures of Justice being so sweet and good while I was busy in the kitchen. He would join me at times to play with some toys in the kitchen and sit in his high chair and eat his lunch! We are now on our porch getting some fresh air, its really nice out now! So I get to blog and he is having a blast in his exersaucer. He’ll go down for a nap within the hour and I will clean the rest of the place, another on going task it seems.. didn’t I just clean, yep all too soon again. But I am fortunate to have a family to care and clean up after and blessed to live in a great place, so no complaining.

Which reminds me of something else I did this week. My friend Rebekah Furubotten (whose link to her blog is on my blogroll) shared some great insight of some verses in Proverbs about being a Woman of God and as I was doing my devotions the other day, I felt compelled to write some key scripture verses on index cards and place them in my kitchen and bathrooms so that when I there that I would have these verses to dwell on and hide in my heart. Really put things in practice. I have verses on not eating the bread of idleness in my kitchen along with Prov 31 verses and in the bathrooms about having  clean and pure heart and a gentle and quiet spirit and inner beauty. Good things to focus on.

Well this turned out to be quite the blog today, hope you enjoyed hearing about our week!!


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  1. I loved hearing about your week. Sounds like you two had a great time. Hope your weekend is long & relaxing. Give my little man loves & hugs!

  2. quite a busy little mama you are! yes I have been going over some of the verses in proverbs too about being a wife and mom wow…convicting! But God is good, and gives us the grace to be all that we can be in Him! You are one awesome mama and wife!

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