The Daniel’s Family Visiting


We finally were able to get together with some of our dear friends, we use to be neighbors, but they moved, we moved and we’re at least 35 minutes apart now. Mark and Moe have 3 fabulous girls, Brigid 5, Katelyn 4, and Claire 19 months.  They all adore Justice and it was cute to see them all interact together! We enjoyed a nice lasagna dinner with salad and garlic bread and they brought a great dessert which was Apple Cake with Vanilla Carmel Icecream. The girls put on a little worship service with a little guitar Justice had in his room from his Auntie Bekah she got from Hawaii. It was all too fun to watch and see what all is ahead for us. Moe was pointing out things we’ll want to change as Justice starts crawling and walking, so those were great pointers to get, so much to learn!!! (sorry Brigid, we got no pics with you in them)


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