I’m an Aunt again!


Got the call Thursday afternoon that my sister, Hosana was at the hospital being induced! I quickly called Daniel to say hey I need to run to Aberdeen and pack and get things ready, say goodbye to him and jet outta here. Thought I have plenty of time, but don’t have time to waste. So interesting as Hosana was living over here in the Portland area when she had Lola and my mom and I rushed to get here only to wait hours before she delivered. But I was there for Lola to be born and was excited to help again. The timing was perfect as I would pull into town, get Justice into his jammies, fresh diaper, nurse him and to bed he would go for the night. Would then go to the hospital, had a change of clothes to stay comfortable as I helped her have a relaxing as possible birth. When I called my Mom at Elma to check in she said things were progressing quite quick and that she would be pushing soon, well I could still make it right..praying that I could make it to help, tried not to speed. Laid Justice down and the phone rang announcing the birth of Aleia Joy Bale. Darn it.. I missed it. I was pretty bummed after busting my butt to get there. But glad to hear they were healthy and doing good!!!

I did however get to take Lola then with me up to the Aberdeen Hospital to meet her sister for the first time, so that was fun. Hosana looked amazing, she didn’t look like she broke a sweat, just 4 pushes to get Aleia out, so all good! She didn’t need me to stay and help overnight so I went back to my parents to visit and go to bed. Justice is normally a great sleeper, we are blessed by that. But pulled up and my dad was holding him.. uh oh! Not a good sign. Needless to say it was a super long night. I don’t co-sleep but resorted to trying that, then back to the playpen and then up again (then woke everyone else up) so there we all are downstairs at 3am.. not so fun! My mom finally made me go back to bed and they stayed up and had a party, then slept a bit then up again! Not so fun. We drive back to Portland and daddy changed his diaper and got a birds eye view of not 1, but 2 teeth and possibly 3 breaking through. I thought he could be teething and in fact he was.. oh the joys. So just trying to love on him, give him some teething tablets and help him as he gets more cute toofers! These one are on top, so hopefully gonna even out the playing field, as he has 3 on the bottom! We’ll take pics as they grow in and are noticeable!!

The stats on Aleia.. 7.4 pounds, 19 inches long. 11-13-08!


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