Our Morning Walk Friend


Every morning M-F typically from 8-9 Justice and I go to the park around the corner and go walking. We have met some nice friends along the way. One of them being Mr. Don Johnson (not the actor). He is such a nice guy, he is 76 and walks for 1.5 hours every morning. He just thinks Justice is something else. Every morning we are greeted by “Good Morning Justice, How’s my pal today?” He and his wife got Justice some goodies for Halloween even, so thoughtful. We are glad to have someone so nice to walk with in the mornings, makes it nice for me to have adult interaction and Justice a good friend to hang out with. If you are ever free and in the area, come join us for a nice walk.

Mr. Johnson & Justice

Mr. Johnson & Justice


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  1. Sarah,

    Thanks for taking the picture of Mr. Johnson and posting it!!! It’s such a special treat to meet nice people!!! good for I love it when “old” people show an interest in babies/toddlers, etc. And since you mentioned him to me during Thanksgiving, it was fun to see who you were talking about. These are precious memories!!!

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