Work Party


Daniel had his company work party and we were really looking forward to a night out together. We have recently been leaving Justice here and there with a good friend but he was always in bed. But since he switched his bedtime and the party was early we had to leave before that. I had cried a bit earlier just wondering if he would be okay with us not putting him down, but was comfortable with our dear friend, just concerned how my sweet son would do! Got over my insecurities and had a lovely night. Courtney was sweet to text me when he went to bed so I knew all was well!

Some friends of ours also work at the same company so we were thrilled to see Craig and Jamie as well. Daniel and I got to sit at the owner’s table which was a bit nerve wracking, for some odd reason. The food was fabulous, they prayed before the meal which was awesome. Its a Christian owned company and alot of the worker are believers as well!

They did a nice job honoring alot of the employees and especially did an amazing job at honoring Daniel. His boss said alot of great things and I actually was crying it was that touching! When the boss says that Daniel was the best hire in the 2 years he had worked for the company and that he has never seen Daniel’s dept (the warehouse) looking so good, that makes this wife proud!!!

For you foodies.. we had Prime Rib,Salmon, Pork Tenderloin, Potatoes, Sauteed Beans and Carrots, Salad, Rolls and desserts. Quite delightful!

Walked away glad again Daniel works for Interior Technology and just blessed that God has provided this amazing job!


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