A day at home


I am not a stay at home kinda gal, I like to be out and about, but due to the weather I have had no choice. So I made a huge list of things to do and set about to have a day in.

On my list of things to do was clean the whole place, 2 loads of laundry, make 3 different Christmas goodies, package up the Christmas presents to take home and organize some closets and spaces.

Justice was a trooper, we had tons of fun and stopped through out to play as well.

After we made the goodies we took some to our neighbors, apartment managers and had a plate for Daniel’s work and then Home Group too. It was tons of fun.

Finally by 8pm I was worn out as I had to cook a main dish for 15 people for a leadership meeting that I thought wasn’t going to happen due to the weather. The meeting took place anyhow so I quickly had to figure out what I was gonna do and prepare that too.
Oh what a day, I overdid it, but had fun. Took a nice hot shower and relaxed after that and had some me time while Daniel was at the meeting.


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