Justice and the snow


So we ventured out and got some warmer clothes for Justice, never would have thought he would need snow suit. Now I am gonna complain for a moment, I guess I could go on and on, but this is so not fair! They hardly ever have the same amount of boy clothes than girl clothes. But come on boy babies need to be warm too. They had snow suits for girls in 2 color, TWO! But nothing for my son at all!!! Stinking marketing people.

Anyhow back to reality. So got some pants that worked and piled the layers on and took him out a bit! He was amused, so it was fun. It however is getting very very, have I said very old for both Justice and I to be stuck in the house so much. Daniel is only 1.5 miles from work, so he can make it in, he is nice to take us out a bit in the afternoon when he gets off to relieve us of these 4 walls.

Now just praying we can make it home for Christmas!


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  1. Praying that you can make it home too! Justice looks so cute in the snow,but what a bummer that you couldn’t find him a snow outfit. Ty has one,although it is just about to small…I’m getting tired of the house too (shocker I know) so I was thinking today that we might venture out for a walk in the snow. Hang in there,it will melt away soon!

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