Being Thankful


I find myself tempted to have a pity party at times lately, due to many factors. The weather being the main reason, being confined in our apt, and going stir crazy. But this is the time of year to really be thankful and to not focus on myself and the silly little things. No matter where we spend Christmas day, Jesus will be glorified no matter what! So here are some things I am thankful for..
10. We are safe and sound.
9. We have power and are warm.
8. We have plenty of food to eat.
7. The snow is a beautiful sight.
6. We have presents under our tree.
5. This is Justice’s first Christmas!!!
4. I have wonderful family that I am blessed by all year long.
3. We are healthy.
2. Daniel has a great job.
1. Jesus gave me the gift of salvation!!


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  1. I love your list and I know you are so thankful. I know its hard sometimes when your heart is set on something else. I love you lots and will miss you guys so much on Christmas. Give Justice some love for me!

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