Change, Change and some more Change


Isn’t becoming a parent all about change? It sure has been in our case! It’s been quite the learning process. I had a great talk with a friend earlier this week (thanks again!) that was encouraging and just a breath of fresh air, which is always nice for a Mom!
So in part of the conversation we chatted about saying No and what we can do to prevent that. Justice is now pulling himself up and we have 2 bookshelves so we decided to take some books down and put his stuff there. Got to make room for our new baby as he is part of the family too and wants his stuff displayed I am sure. So it was kinda fun to make things functional, organized and still look like a living room. Worked pretty good. It’s all about living and learning!

Having fun already!

Having fun already!

Baskets of toys & Lots of books

Baskets of toys & Lots of books

Wall of Fun!

Wall of Fun!


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  1. Looks like our living room! Jude has the two bottom shelves filled with books and toys and a whole corner for his toy box. And that’s just in the living room. Sheesh….. How many toys does a toddler need anyway? ha ha ha

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