Garage Sale Time


I was on Craigslist looking for some things for Justice and stumbled upon a garage sale. It was getting close to nap time and was kinda having a lazy day and thought nah. But then thought, what the heck, I should go for it. So we hopped in the van and went to our first garage sale of the year. I am sure glad I did. I was going for the boy clothes they advertised and saw a neat coffee picture I liked, but was on a mission so distracted myself. I ended up scoring 6 pairs of PJ’s (the feety fleece kind!!!) 2 pairs of shoes, new socks, 2 pairs of shorts and one long sleeve shirt for get this.. $6.00!!! I saw the coffee picture on the way out and wanted to get it but was already in tow and thought oh there might not be a good spot on the wall for it anyhow!
So I get home and there is a great spot for it and was kicking myself. Daniel came home and told me to go get it, but I thought it would be gone, why bother! Thought I would check the ad to see if they had a phone number and they didn’t, but used the provided email address. So I emailed her and shortly after she emailed me she was gonna check then called to say they had it. Justice just had woken up from his nap, so I cuddled him a bit, grabbed some animal crackers to make him happy as we were having to leave quickly and off we went! I was so glad for my 2nd chance. So I purchased the art and noticed the original sticker.. $65.00.. guess what I paid…… $5.00 bucks. What a deal. Looks great on my wall (thanks honey) and compliments my fiestaware don’t ya think??

New Picture

New Picture

Yah, for lots of color!!!

Yah, for lots of color!!!


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  1. how fun! your house looked really cute this weekend, and now you are even making it cuter, nice pic. you are scoring on some sweet deal. i never learned the art of garage sales!

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