Gardner Family Vacation #2


We have been busy beavers lately.. sorry will try to be a better blogger!

We are so fortunate to have great friends that have a gorgeous beach house that they rent out (become a fan on facebook .. Beauty on the Beach, or check out their website at and so we were able to put a trip together rather quick.  We didn’t think we’d get to do a big vacation this year like last as Daniel McCartney is currently in the Police Academy and they don’t let you have vacation time, so we worked with a long weekend. gosh!? Anyhow we made it work and it was alot of fun. Us girls had lots of hottub time and even a trip to the outlet malls. The boys built an incredible shark out of sand on the beach.

It was however very different vacationing now that we have kids. Not being in their own environemnt was interesting! Justice did not like sleeping in some strange room so ended up between us through the night for the first time in his life.. nobody slept well as he is a big mover and needs the whole area to himself, kinda like his dad! Babyproofing and trying to keep them entertained found us quite exhausted and ready for a vacation 🙂 The wind was blowing every day but the day we left, so we’ll look forward to Justice getting aquianted with sand another day!

Here are some pics of our adventure!

Wind Blown Look, its the new thing!

Wind Blown Look, its the new thing!

Silly Family!

Silly Family!

Story Time

Story Time

PJ Time

PJ Time


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