All about Me! What about You??


I decided doing this after seeing this on my little sis-in-law’s blog.. Bekah who had got the idea from her friend Alyssa. So copy us if you’d like! It was kinda fun!

I am– trying to relax and enjoy life more!

I think– way too much, my mind never stops.

I know– I am blessed and love it.

I want– to be more patient, kind and gentle.

I have– so many goals and ambitions, but get overwhelmed.

I wish– I would win the lottery (but I don’t play.haha).

I hate– that I can’t eat all that I want and not gain weight.

I miss– my family and friends in WA.

I feel- too much, am way to sensitive.

I crave– Chinese, chocolate and a number of other things on a regular basis, which isn’t good for my waist or budget!!

I search– for new recipes and new ways to prepare meals.

I wonder– if I will have a little girl and what she will look like.

I regret – not giving life my all and making each day count in years gone by.

I love– to be loved.

I care– about what others think about me.

I always– carry chapstick. Now that I am a Mom I carry diapers & wipes, snacks and sippy cup too.

I am not– a quiet person.

I believe– that with God all things are possible.

I dance– any time I can, love it!!

I sing– because its so fun.

I laugh– all the time.

I cry– often.. when sad, happy or frustrated.

I don’t always– keep my mouth shut when I should.

I write– blogs occasionally and facebook often!

I lose– perspective and go nuts.

I never– use sarcasm.. whatever.

I listen– to Justice babble and it brings a smile to my face.

I can usually be found– eating.

I’m scared of- snakes.. uuuhh yuck!

I need– Jesus, I am lost without Him!

I can’t wait– to own a house.


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