Hello Blog World


So been awfully bad at blogging, just choosing other things. Always think it will take forever but its so quick! We have had a good holiday season, getting more and more fun with Justice this year.

So Lola wanted popcorn on Thanksgiving morning and my mom told her to ask my dad and he said sure why not.. so of course Justice wanted some too! So we made it a new tradition to pop popcorn on Thanksgiving morning. I am sure the Pilgrims and Indians are thrilled with our new choice!


Auntie Cierra was a hairdresser before she had Tytus and we wanted her to give him his first haircut. I have barely trimmed a tad bit of hair when it was too wispy but he got a full on cut and it was very fun! Made him look more grown up, can’t fight it he is changing like crazy!

Oh dear.. here it comes!

Oh dear here it goes!

Trimming away

Auntie Cierra trimming away.. love the mohawk!

All done and handsomer now!

All done and even more handsome!


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