Special Birthday Poem


Its tradition for Nana Kelly to write a poem for her grandsons celebrating their birthdays and what all they have accomplished and gotten into in the previous year…they are so special, right on the mark and absolutely priceless!

To Justice on his 2nd Birthday,

Nana & Poppy are so proud of you, We cannot even believe that you’re already two!

Learning to count & your ABC’s, Are just the beginnings of what we will see.

Target, Costco, Play Gym & Zoo, Are just a few of the places you like to do.

Elmo & Trucks are a couple of favorite things, But the very best is a cell phone that rings!

Kisses & hugs even when we call, And your prayers that you pray are the best overall!

Skype is always fun so we can watch you play, With Daddy & Mommy the very best I must say!

Finishing the sentences in your story books, We smile at you as you give us silly looks.

As you sit and have your favorite tea, The next thing we know you will soon be three!

Happy Birthday Little Man! We love you & are so proud of you,

Nana Kelly & Poppy John


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