I have a love affair with food..


Well that folks isn’t a news flash. Part of reinventing the blog as I wanted to talk about food a bit on here too! I am a foodie, not gourmet by any means. I just enjoy good food and love cooking, but hate cleaning up the mess!! My favorite cuisine to cook would probably be asian. Its part meat, part veggies, some starch and incredible flavors. Its so diverse! I use to be a chinese food addict and more and more I am loving Thai food even more. I look forward to sharing some recipes that have become my favorites.

So last night since my boys were out of town I ended up going to a movie with my girlfriend Danielle. We saw Just Wright with Queen Latifah, cute movie for sure! Then we went to Applebees. Huge deal for us Mom’s. We usually do one thing but last night we did two things… living it up! I was just fascinated with how busy the restaurant was, if I am awake at 10pm I am usually home in bed with a book. There were so many families there and we kept talking about how interesting that was. I couldn’t imagine Justice up at 10pm for fun let alone eating a big meal. ANYHOO.. I had seen something on commercials and on their website I was fascinated with and because it was after 9pm they have a late night discounted menu, so I tried the Chicken Wonton Tacos. Simple, but out of this world.

Chicken Wonton Tacos

I can’t wait to make them at home. I think it will be a piece of cake. I usually keep wonton wrappers in my fridge as I love to cook them up with a little cream cheese in the center or fry them up just as is and dip them in sweet chili sauce. You can cut them up and fry them for a nice garnish on your salad too! So it was just grilled teriyaki chicken, I can easily do that.. if you are looking for a great sauce Yoshida’s Gourmet is my favorite, wonderful taste! Then on top of the chicken was a mixture of green cabbage, carrot, onion and red bell pepper in what tasted like a simple dressing of rice vinegar and sugar. It was fresh, crunchy and juicy from the chicken! Hit the spot big time. So if you are out at Applebees order these for sure!!


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