Organizing and Labeling


So I think that everything should have a spot. I don’t like things just laying around if it doesn’t have a use or need in our home I would much rather get rid of it, “stuff” is not my thing. We are striving to have a  more minimalist approach around here. Since having Justice we have accumulated more things of course, but I try not to get carried away. Since he has gotten older and plays with alot of toys we have moved the majority of them into his bedroom in drawers that way what he isn’t playing with is hidden and has a spot. We still have some books and toys out in the living room as its his house too! I decided to try to keep them organized and have bins to keep things tidy when he is done playing. I just labeled them today so he (and Daniel too.. hehe) can learn where to put things back. It won’t be like this every day or always work but you can strive to keep things as neat and tidy considering we have a 2 year old around here! Getting out a bin, organizing and labeling brings me much joy. Tidy, efficiency and good use of space are like music to my ears! Call me crazy and OCD I know, but hey it works for me 😛

My trusty labeler!





Check out the cute train border on the label.. so fun!!


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