Tuesday Night Fun


For the last couple months my husband has been taking a class with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Citizens Academy. He typically goes straight from work there and doesn’t get home till 10:30pm. He gets to have alot of fun there and I just kick back relax and make something simple for Justice and then get creative in the kitchen later. This Tues night 2 other girlfriends were husbandless and so invited them over and had some fun! I had just been grocery shopping and changed up my dinner plans and made Polish Sausage Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad and some baked beans. Danielle brought stuff to enjoy icecream cones for dessert. Was alot of fun, the boys have such fun together and us gals sure know how to chat it up as always! Danielle is moving away next month and we will miss her dearly!!

The Grub!

Enjoying every bite!

Connor & Danielle

Bobby & Jody

Happy Boys Enjoying Treats!

My Sweet Friends!

In the Tub to Wash all the Dinner & IceCream off!


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