RPMS Meets Bible Reading


I cannot say enough amazing things about the church we attend. The people are genuine, real, welcoming and an amazing sense of community.  I could go on and on and on, but just come check it out yourself!!

My class workbook

There was an advertisement for a class that they were going to start and I thought, you know I wanna take this! So I did and I am beyond glad that I have! I have been reading the Bible since I was a little girl and I am about to turn 30. My parents taught us kids to memorize verses and I loved it. But actually just sitting down and reading the Bible has been a struggle for me. I tend to read things super fast and skim alot when I am reading books. Well you can’t do that when you are trying to read the Bible, just doesn’t work! Its a class that people of all backgrounds and cultures can all relate too. Whether you just walked into church for your very first time or been raised going to church this class is for you.

Goals of Reading-

Read a chapter

Find a phrase that captures your notice

Formulate the big question

Ask God for help



R- Read, Revolving around Christ at the center of everything

P-Pray, Per the multiplying factor bringing us into God’s presence

M- Meditate, Minutes bringing God’s word and will into time and space

S- Sign, When I sign God’s name to a will of God prayer, he signs my name to the answer.

Pastor Jess came out with a whole curriculm that makes things easy. It gives you hope that you can make it work for you. His son, Pastor Jared and daughter, Jerushah have been teaching the RPM class and they are both amazing teachers and communicators. They are funny, they make it exciting and real which is a plus for me for sure. I left class today just stoked, I am going to make up a little insert that I can keep in my Bible that spells it out for me. They are going to offer this new class every few months, so come check it out, you will be blessed and thrilled that you did!


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