Thankful for protection!!


You know when you watch something in a movie and you are glad it wasn’t you or you read a story in the newspaper and you are just stunned. These things happen to other people but not to me! Well Wed night it did happen to me and my boys. We were driving around on a nice afternoon looking at houses, anyone else do this for fun?? Then all of a sudden Daniel brakes super hard and airbags were deployed. Basically we were driving straight down a road and someone didn’t look  our way as they were pulling out and they pulled right into our lane so our vehicles collided, smashed, crashed,  and boom boom banged.

As soon as we stopped I jumped out of the van, flung open Justice’s door and got him out of his carseat. He was scared and crying, but not hurt at all! Daniel’s nose was bleeding a little bit, we had no broken bones. It was so surreal. Daniel and I keep talking about what happened and there are details that we can’t remember and/or don’t even know what happened! Each day we are more sore and achy, we have scheduled chiropractic appts and guessing we’re gonna have a couple weeks of treatments and massages for our bodies that have been through quite the ordeal. I have some bruises from my seatbelt pulling back hard and doing its job. People if you don’t normally use your seatbelt you really should, it is so worth it.

Our van is smashed up in the front and most likely totaled, but we were safe, Justice’s car seat did its job well and I am forever grateful for that. We had to buy another car seat right away as they are no good after they have been in the accident. I went out and got the exact same car seat again, thank you Costco! I will put a review on their website as I am so happy with this brand!

The Poor Van

Hope to never seen an airbag EVER again!!


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