Yard Sale Time!!


Who doesn’t love to check out some yard sales on a Saturday morning? It’s so much fun, even better if you grab a coffee and a donut (note to self, do that next time)! I find it rather frustrating though to look at the listings and figure out where they all are, isn’t that the hardest part!? Have I found a solution for you… http://garagesalefinder.com/

So I just discovered this website, you put in your zipcode and it pulls up everything around you. You can select what days you want it to pull up and then as you click on the addresses it tells you what they are selling and you click “add to my route” if its one you are interested in. Under the My Route tab you put in your address and after you add to your route you can arrange them by address and distance (my hubby did that part for me!) and then click on view and print route. Then it gives you a list of all you selected and directions to get there as well as what the description of each sale was! How cool is that!??

We tried it out today and for the most part it was accurate and so nice not to waste time driving all around to find it! Let me know if you use the website and how it helped you out!!


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