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Don’t you love being able to make something at home that tastes better and is way cheaper? I am learning as I go and find it quite fun. I saw a recipe for Apple Chips and the same applies to making Potato Chips as well, I bet using Sweet Potatoes would be yummy too! I scored a fantastic Mandoline Slicer off craigslist for $8, came home and cleaned it and its ready to rock and roll. It was originally purchased at Costco and to me that means its a great brand and product as they seem to carry the best. Looking forward to a bunch more fun slicing and dicing in the future!!

Mandoline Slicer

Apple/Potato Chips

Preheat oven to 225ºF.

One Medium Apple or Potato sliced paper thin (if using potatoes I would spray them with a bit of oil spray and use kosher salt and/or a yummy spice rub for flavors!)

I did one tray of plain apples (I did 2 apples) and the next tray I melted a tablespoon of butter with a tablespoon of brown sugar and microwaved it for 1 minute and spread on apples for a sweeter treat.. can’t wait to taste them. Would have taken pictures but the hubby has the camera at work!

Line two 11-inch by 16-inch baking sheets with silicon liners (if you have them, I don’t thats on my list to buy as well). Place potato or apple slices single layer on a lined sheet. Bake for one hour until crisp and dried.

Apple Chips


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  1. I just got on your website and read most of it – hurriedly!!! It’s nice to get updated info. Nice pictures Sarah!!! And you do such wonderful job of cooking for your family!!!! I just have too many hobbies to put THAT much time into cooking. But your family is blest that you enjoy cooking so much! It’s such a joy to know that you enjoy cooking and you do alot of trying out new receipes. I think that’s GREAT!!! Go Sarah – go girl!!! I’m proud of you!!!!

  2. Looks really good! Watch your finger though! I wasn’t paying attention and sliced my fingers pretty good on mine.

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