Checking in


Gosh I am such a bad blogger. Got all settled in and thought I would get back to it and then 1st Trimester took over. Yep if you haven’t heard the news, the Gardner Family is expecting baby #2. What a lovely surprise, can’t wait to meet this precious new little one!

I am 11 weeks now and doing pretty good. The last few weeks have been tiring, exhausting, and interesting. I can’t complain too much as I am not throwing up, just kinda icky feeling. Never been much of a napper but I am enjoying taking a little siesta more often than not while Justice naps. I feel completely opposite.. not motivated, no to-do lists around, food why bother, cooking is not fun at all, I would much rather stay home and do nothing, the couch is delightful and where I like being as much as possible. So its weird not being me really! Its good to slow down a bit and just chill out from the usual fast paced routine of life.

Misc info..

Small baby bump forming

Food Interests- Fresh Fruits and Veggies, Bagels, Candy and Lots of Water

Justice is so excited to be a big brother, he asks to see the baby each day and gives hugs and kisses and blows raspberries on my belly. ( at this point I try to stick my tummy as far out as I can to give him some sense of a baby really in there!)

Nothing else too interesting at this point.  Just taking it easy and waiting for the gender ultrasound.. can’t wait! Will it be pink team or blue team??



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  1. Sarah, I saw a link on your facebook and clicked it. I had no idea you blogged. Everything you write is so genuine and caring. The way you talk up your son, our church, your husband… it’s so touching. I am so blessed to be a part of Living Hope and to know such awesome people like you! I pray that someday I am as great as a mommy to my children as you are to Justice. 🙂 Cant wait for the new baby!

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