Preschool Time


I have a friend who with her friends started a blog and are doing their own preschool curriculum.  I am the first to say that this is not my gifting in any way shape or form. This kinda of stuff is a stretch for me, I am not artsy, creative or inspired in this area. So having a lesson plan that tells me what to do is something I can handle!

So every first thing I did was run to Target and get the stuff I needed to make it happen, which is my thing, I love Target and organizing so it was a great combo!

We just started this week and are having fun so far!! (My pics were messed up, sorry! I realized after the flash was messed up.)

The coolest calendar!

This is the back of the calendar with all the extras.. so fun!!

My little student!

The fun box!

Folders for the classes!

Working on the Bee Project

The finished product!

Colored Macaroni Project


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