Big Gender Reveal Party Coming Up!!


So tomorrow is the big ultrasound. I only seem to have one, while others of my friends have had 1 or 2 by this time!? Hmm am I getting jipped or what?? Well my Doc’s office doesn’t have the machine and I think unless its necessary they don’t have them done to save money I guess!? So my one big shot is tomorrow morning at 11am!

Daniel and I are not gonna find out right away.. well thats the plan anyhow, will have to see if we cave!! We will have the technician find out and call a friend of ours who is making a cake for us and then will put the gender color in the filling (pink or blue) and we will drive to WA and have our parents and siblings over for a slice of cake and all find out together.. won’t that be fun!?? I am pretty excited. I can’t say I have a feeling how would one really know these things, I sure know what I am hoping for but will be thrilled with a healthy girl or boy of course!

Stay tuned for the big news!! If you know what we are having, feel free to let us know 😛


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