Homeowners At Last!!!


Looks like we will finally be moving into a house of our own and we are so excited!!! I think apartments are fine, but they just seem temporary and not ours so I never want to spend much money on the extras as it seems pointless. I don’t clean as well as I want to either because again its not really mine, mind you I still clean but don’t deep clean as much as I need or want to until we move out then leave it spotless… haha! There are so many exciting things about houses and having something of your own.

So the details.. 3BD/1.5 with a great fantastic backyard for Justice and soon to join Baby Girl Gardner!! I will highlight some of the exciting things for me in the pictures, humor me if you don’t mind cause I know I am silly! This isn’t our dream home, but its a miracle and a blessing from God none the less.

Our house has  Central Air which to me is great and even better  it means no more baseboards that rule out a wall to put a dresser or bed in front of.  Makes decorating so much easier, been dealing with baseboards for years and am glad to be free from them.

We close November 17th and Daniel is taking the rest of the week off and the following to paint (most walls are white and will be painted Krisp Khaki, this lovely latte color) and get us moved in.  So Thanksgiving will be even more special, so much to be thankful for! My sweet parents offered to keep Justice for a few days so we can get things done and move in a bit quicker, will be taking them up on this offer! Justice keeps talking about the new house and how he likes it and is excited, I think Daniel and I both feel giddy like he does!


The House!



2 car garage



Garage, AKA Man Cave


Okay so having a garage for the first time will be wonderful!! I am thrilled for my handyman hubby, I can only imagine the projects that will come out of that place! He has had to put his tools in random spots and do projects at work or friend’s houses. He has huge plans for in here, sheet rocking, hanging shelves and who knows what else. I am grateful he will let me park here in his special space! There is a utility area in the back corner of the garage where the washer and dryer will do along with some shelves. For me to be able to drive in and unload groceries and kiddos without being outside and climbing upstairs and the weather affecting it all.. oh what a joy!!! Its the simple things isn’t it.





My little dude in the yard!


For those of you who have kids and have lived in apartments or places with nowhere to run, you know how I feel. Its been so challenging at this apt trying to keep Justice quiet (in between the top and bottom floor) and not having an outside area for him to go play. He is so so happy when we visit here and just has a blast!!! Its fully fenced and just begging for him to come play all afternoon. Justice has been asking for a bike for a couple of months and we told him when we have a house you will get a bike.. so guess who is getting a bike next month! That little patio area will be great for him to ride back and forth, forth and back again!


Living Room with fireplace and real hardwoods! Small but cozy



Dining Room off the living Room


So excited to have people over, which we have done living in apartments but glad we will have a more open comfortable spot to do so!


Coat Closet, there are actually 2!



The kitchen area


If you know me well you know how excited I am about this room! My hubby already has remodeling plans he is thinking of for me, how sweet, but for now I am just thrilled to have my own cupboards space and room to cook. I am getting rid of the blue and the lovely curtains and going for an orange color, cannot wait for that!! I can watch Justice play from the window while washing dishes, cooking and so forth another simple thing but huge to me.


Space at the end of the kitchen


Daniel hates this area, thinks it was designed all wrong and perhaps it is!? The door on the far left goes out to the backyard, but he is gonna take it off and sheet rock it in.  The door is not secure and the patio doors are just on the other side of the kitchen, don’t need another avenue for the kiddos to escape out of 🙂 Then the middle door is the bathroom, the next is the PANTRY (will do a separate paragraph about that cause it deserves it!), then the far right is the door to the garage. Nice to have the extra room in the kitchen and will be fun to play around with this area (well until the hubby decides to remodel it! ha)


The half bath





I have never had a pantry area in the kitchen before, just some random cupboards in a hallway to make do at the most. This isn’t some glorious pantry, but it makes me so happy. I am so excited to put all my goods in here and rearrange it all so beautifully, to make room in my actual cupboards for other things and have space to organize. I can hardly wait to get in here and do my thing!




The 2nd coat closet, linen closet, main bathroom and the 3 bedrooms are down this hallway which is off the living room and dining room area! Daniel didn’t get a close up picture of the linen closet at the end, but another area I am so excited about!! It has 3 shelves on the top and 3 shelves in the bottom and I have a pretty good idea in my head how this is gonna look. Extra Blankets, Sheets, Household Bin, Medicine Bin, Craft Bin to name a few (yeah I have a thing with organizing and bins, and yes I do have a labeler too…hehe)




The rooms are pretty basic, I think this one is Justice’s 😛 They are on the small side and have hardwoods too, hope to put carpet in them at some point as thats what we prefer! Our room will be painted a light gray, Justice’s a light blue and baby girl’s room will be pink and brown.


Main Bathroom


How kind of them to leave this lovely looking shower curtain.. haha! This bathroom will be repainted a neutral color, right now its a grayish purply swirly scheme.

Thanks for taking a tour and letting me ramble on! If you can’t tell I am excited for this new season, this year has been challenging in many different ways, we are ready to feel some burdens lift and excited for a new chapter in our lives to unfold.  Romans 8:28


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  1. I love the little space at the end of the kitchen! I would make it a small play area for the little ones with a little play kitchen of their own so they can play and pretend to be like their mommy. 😉

  2. Sarah and Daniel! I am so happy for you guys to have your own home now! It’ll be so fun to paint and decorate and arrange, yes, and ORGANIZE! It looks great! It’s really what I’d like to have: one story, fenced in back yard, hard wood floors, linen closet, pantry, and a FIREPLACE! Can’t wait to see more photos after you get moved in!

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