First Baby Girl Purchase


I finally bought some clothes for our sweet baby girl. Why have I waited so long, crazy huh! But I have a few girlfriends that have had girls recently and they told me that they are going to be giving me a bunch of stuff. I also like scoring good deals. So I went to Pass it On last night and got a few maternity clothes for me, a few things for Justice and ended up by all the cute girl clothes. At first I was overwhelmed, so much stuff, not use to that with boy stuff! Then you have to figure out size and season to make it all work! I don’t want to just waste money on clothes she won’t wear.  So I was browsing and found a few things I just had to take home!

Adorable Pink Sweater (Childrens Place $2.00)

Cute Jammies ($1.00)

One of my favs ($3.00 Target) Can you say family summer picture outfit!

Had to get this! ($2.00)

Precious in Pink (I think it was $3 for the outfit!)

"You are my sunshine!" ($3 brand new I think!)

Can’t wait to get into our new place and be able to start putting her closet together!


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