Fall Time Fun


We went up to Washington for the weekend and had a wonderful time with family! Friday was just a gorgeous day and my Mom said what do you think about going to the pumpkin patch? We said yes, of course. We had a lovely time, Justice adores his cousin Lola and Gma and Gpa too, so it was so special!!

Halloween isn’t a big deal to us, but cute to get Justice dressed up and let him participate in some fun! We are too lucky to have a firewoman and policemen in our family so we had special privileges at both places which was the most fun had by Justice that day for sure. Then my girlfriend Heidi throws an amazing party (oops no pics) and invites the kiddos and parents and puts together an amazing meal, it was a great evening. Then trick or treated at Nana & Papa’s and Gma and Gpas and called it good. Next year gonna have to do way more as I need a candy stash at home for sure.. haha!!

Look how tall I am!!

Farmer Boy!!

Look at our pumpkins!!

Hay Ride with my little man!

My parents thought they were so funny making me take a picture like this...I figured I would humor them!

Me and my firedog!

Daddy & Firedog

Uncle Daniel, Justice & Tytus

The firedog at the firehouse (wearing his Auntie's Helmet!!)



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