Count your blessings name them one by one….


Count your blessings see what God has done, such a great song/hymn. Been a crazy 5 months, very challenging, full of surprises and trials, but seeing some light at the end of the tunnel! We have seen God’s faithfulness throughout and in the midst of amazing blessings now. Doesn’t mean things are perfect and life is just all easy, but its nice to be at peace.

We signed on Wednesday, seems exciting, but takes time to have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed (throw in a holiday, sellers in CA that have to review and sign papers, the bank to release funds and title to be recorded) we should have the keys by Tuesday or Wednesday! After a couple days to paint and do misc to-do’s  we will be moving in Saturday. Inlaws are coming down to visit and help and will be taking Justice back with them as my parents are having him over for some fun so we can unpack quicker and settle in!

Some blessings to name..

1. Thanks to a friend who had connections with Miller Paint we were able to save 50% off on paint!

2. Sellers paid to have a chimney repair done and they offered to do some extra work for a price (we would have to pay for that) and we said no thank you, but the Chimney repair company did it for us for FREE!!!

3. Got a couch off craigslist and they took $50 less.. score!

4. Changed our address for the postal service online and were offered us a 10% off Lowe’s coupon which we printed and then got a confirmation letter in the mail with a $10 off coupon to Lowe’s as well. We had a list of stuff to get and was able to use both coupons and save $41.00, love it!!

5. Was able to save money and get a used bike for Justice off craigslist for $25.00, he is gonna freak when he sees it! (He’d been asking for a bike and we told him when we got a house, so fulfilling that promise!)

6. After trying to get some kind of discount/health insurance for the last 5 months, got a phone call that me and baby are fully covered.. miracle!!!!

7. After getting a quote from Home Depot for windows Daniel decided to try one more place (Parr Lumber) and it saved us $450.00.. yippee, love saving mula!!

8. Daniel has connections with an old business contact from a previous job we are getting gorgeous wooden blinds for an incredible deal! (don’t know the cost savings)

9. We have wonderful friends who are going to help us paint and move-in.. priceless!

10. Hosting Thanksgiving at our new house, parents and inlaws coming to celebrate with us, we have an amazing family and love them to pieces!!

What are some of your blessings??


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