We are good to go.. the house is sold, in our name and the keys are ours.. woohoo! So excited, though I am sitting here (a helpless pregnant woman at the moment) while Daniel is loading things into a work truck he is using and taking the first load over! Justice is napping so I am getting to relax and take it easy before hours of cleaning, unpacking and keeping the dude occupied and happy while we are getting ready to move.

Got all the paint, supplies and snacks and will start there! The big move will be Saturday, we have to pay rent here till December so there is no big hurry. Though we don’t really like to move slow or procrastinate so will be outta here soon. Its nice cause we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner and have the apt to house part of the family as they all can’t stay in our house all at once 🙂 My inlaws come Thurs night and will leave by Sunday and take Justice with them as my mom is having him for a few days, so excited to get his room, painted, decorated and for him to come home to his new home sweet home!!

Let the fun begin..

Family Pic by the Sold Sign!!


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