Address Change


At last we are moved out of the apt and into our very own house. We have had the keys for 11 days now and started off painting and some light maintenance and then started moving in last Saturday. We are settled in and have already started remodeling.. crazy I know, did I mention we hosted Thanksgiving here too. There were 12 adults, 2 kiddos and baby, cozy fit but we had a nice time. I am trashed and ready for life to settle down for a bit, yeah right!!?? The holidays are here and then soon baby girl will come! My husband isn’t one to sit around and just let things be, he is always to improve and fix, but that costs money and while we had planned on spending some cash for some repairs of course other things have came up too.. big surprise, haha!

So the day after Thanksgiving Daniel was gonna test out doing one window since his dad and my dad were here and he had help, well all but 1 of the windows went in on Friday and today trim started going up, which will be a slow project. Daniel goes back to work on Monday and we are trying to slow down on the money flying out of pocket! I am okay with the slower pace cause I think its been a bit much emotionally. I don’t do that well with chaos and mess either, I do better when things are organized and in their correct spot.. a bit OCD I know!

Here is the progress so far, just need to paint the bathroom and the nursery and fiddle around with decor and all that of course, but I guess not too shabby for a week!

Before-Living Room


Before-Entry Way and Dining Room

Entry Way

Dining Room


More pics coming, but here is my white painted cabinets and orange walls!!




1st room off the hallway, little man's Transportation Room!

Nursery Room Colors, will be separated by trim and pics will follow, just starting on this room.

Bedroom painted (wrong color, will be changed to a better gray) but got the new bedding on.. still in progress!

Linen Closet, End of Hallway

Bottom of Linen Closet, love having this space!!!

So that is some of the progress so far, hubby forgot to take kitchen pics after it was painted, so need to get a few of those shots in to show off the orange clean kitchen! Will also show you the project Daniel did to run all of cords from the tv mounted on the wall and electronics into one closet/room, was a much bigger project than anticipated but he rocked it as usual!

Thanks for stopping by our house and taking a look! Come again soon.


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