Husband Extraordinaire!


My husband is a handyman, jack of all trades and I am very grateful for that. There is hardly a thing he can’t or won’t do (well he will hardly make himself a sandwich even though he has mad kitchen skills, but hey thats apparently what he married me for.. LOL) when it comes to cars, painting, replacing flooring, etc the list goes on! So one of the amazing things about having a house is all the fun projects and ideas he comes up with! He now has a garage AKA man cave I call it which is already a blessing. He hasn’t spent a whole lot of time in there getting it all set up as he has been so busy doing a jillion other things. If you have a handy hubby you know what a blessing that is, if you don’t well I am sorry as I try not to take it for granted, your hubby has some other amazing qualities I am sure of that, we are blessed in different ways!

So he had this idea when we bought the house to put our flatscreen tv on the wall and run all the cords through the attic into our “electronic closet” (we had 2 coat closets and only needed 1) and have our computer, laptop, dvd player and such all in one out of sight central location. Oh and he mounted the Wii behind the TV too as after all that work he couldn’t stand the thought of that one cord sticking out.. no way!! The project was daunting to say the very least.. turned out to be a much harder, longer and not to mention expensive project. If you happened to see my facebook post last Mon about a horrible 3 hour project that could have ended up in marriage counseling, well that was this lovely project I was refering too! His dad had helped him with quite a bit of it previously but he needed my help after to finish it one day and lets just say I am glad its finished!! He installed a few shelves and had a techy friend JM (gracias hommie) help him out and its running pretty smoothly. We still have some organizing to do in the closet and such but for the most part its good to go!

Got the wall mount up

Holes drilled and surge protector plugged in

Just a few of the cords/cables that needed to be ran through.. insane!

Hooked up and ready to roll!!

All pretty now! Now he wants a bigger TV.. go figure 🙂

Project #2

Have I mentioned we have only been in this house for a week.. good grief, a little too much going on for this pregnant woman, but don’t want to stop a hard working man. I am staying busy keeping him fed and trying to stay on top of the mess that is being made! We had windows delivered the day after Thanksgiving as there is a tax credit and we wanted to take advantage of that and help keep our house better heated and doing the windows yourself saves a couple thousand.. nice!!  He had his Dad here as well as mine and he said he was just gonna do 1 window so he can get some good tips and suggestions on how to do it the best way.. well they ended up doing every window but the garage that day. Oh my goodness.. it was a bit crazy as we still had company, it was cold and blustery out and when taking out the first window they discovered ants and it wasn’t pretty. So we had to call in the Pro’s and have them sprayed too.. yeah crazy huh! The windows are beautiful and he has started on the trim and here is the first window trimmed out.. great job babe!!

My kitchen window that looks out into the backyard, Love it!!!


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