Organizing, Cooking and maybe some Nesting too!


We are settling in quite nicely, but there are many little things to finish off. I get a bit crazy and annoyed when things are just half done but alot of projects I can’t do, but tried to come up with the things I could and just try to relax about other things! Hubby is back at work, was so nice to have him home working on things here. Even though the house wasn’t a fixer we wanted to paint before moving in, replace the windows and then a ton of other little things popped up! I have been organizing some closets, sweeping a ton (who puts white linoleum in the kitchen.. grr) stocking the pantry back up and back to cooking and making a mess in the kitchen! Trying to make some double batches, freeze some food and get ready for baby.

Hard to believe in 3 months I will be having another baby.. a girl at that, what will that be like? So use to being surrounded by boys! I am starting to put together the nursery and organize the few things I have and need to finish painting the room! My wonderful sister in law, Cierra, is throwing me a shower next week and can hardly wait to see what fun I will have putting all those wonderful gifts in the nursery and re-organizing again and probably again down the road too.. I am a bit obsessed.. haha!

So back to cooking.. made a big pot of turkey broth from the leftover thanksgiving bird and transformed that into soup with some wild rice and veggies which we ate for dinner. Then froze a bag for later and are sharing some with a friend who just had a baby.  Also made a batch of Picadillo filling, which is just a mexican taco meat that you can do alot with. It was inspired by the filling in a burrito from a wonderful restaurant.. we use it for burritos and enchilada filling! So have 3 small bags in the freezer too. I am hoping to make some other soups, casseroles and leftovers that freeze well in the next couple months to help make dinners easier after our new bundle of joy arrives! Any good recipes that freeze well that are easy and cheap to make?? Well pass them on if so!! this is basically what I did to make the broth then added the turkey back in, wild rice, carrots, celery, onion, corn and peas!


2 pd of ground beef
3 cloves of garlic
1 onion chopped 
1 can of green chiles
1 15 ounce can of tomato sauce, 1 tbs taco seasoning

2 cups of uncooked rice and water on the stove top or rice cooker

Cook onions and garlic for a minute or 2, add beef till browned. Add green chiles, tomato sauce and seasoning, simmer for a few minutes! Add rice and stir altogether.

My version of Mazatlan’s Burrito Mandero Enchilada Style
Put in a tortilla and add some cheese and roll up.
Heat up enchilada sauce and pour over burrito with fixings such as sourcream, olives, and lettuce. Turned out amazing!!


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