The Best Parents and Inlaws!!


I am doubly blessed, I have great parents and inlaws. I know thats not very common so I don’t take it for granted. Right before the big move my inlaws came down and helped us over the weekend which was a huge blessing. My husband got his handyman skills from his Dad and so we had 2 Mr Fix-its going to town, love it. My mother in law was willing to do whatever we needed and the biggest help was with Justice keeping him entertained so I could help with some other things.. what a help that was, she painted too. My parents had offered to come help as well but had previously offered to have Justice spend a few days at their house so we could settle in and unpack alot quicker. So I took them up on the helping with Justice and he went to WA to visit for a few days. That was such a huge help and gave the hubby and I a second honeymoon as well together just working along side of each other (thought we would be sick of each other and had a few moments but overall great), but we got tons done! I got to even have lunch and pedicure with a girlfriend and get my hair cut in one day.. pure bliss!! It was productive and so relaxing too!

Justice had such a special time with my parents, it was priceless. He got to help my dad make his famous swedish bread, play with his cousin, go sledding (which was a first i think!!), go to burger king playland, and watch Christmas movies . My parents did a great job making every day special for him!!

Lola, Gma, Justice and Mr Snowman

Sharing an orange with Gpa

Making Bread with Gpa, testing it out.. he loves to eat dough!!

It's messy work making bread!

Forming the bread into a brade

Finished product.. yummm

Gotta love Gma and Gpa's Jacuzzi Tub!!!


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